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Sunday August 18th 2019

Zachiah Zook, age 13

Children’s Sunday

Good morning, everyone! My name is Zachiah Zook, and today, I will be sharing with you what we learned this week at Hampden United Methodist Church’s Vacation Bible School. 

As you may know, this year’s theme was “Make a splash with Jesus!” so most of our activities included water. Even our Bible stories usually mentioned water!

So, I’ll start with day one. On Monday, we listened to the story of when Jesus and his disciples were caught in a huge storm while on a boat. The disciples were really scared, but Jesus was sleeping. They woke him up and asked, “Jesus, don’t you care about us?” 

So he went up, and said “Quiet! Be still!” And the wind and waves obeyed him. 

So maybe in scary situations, if it seems like he’s sleeping, all we have to do is talk to him and tell him about it, and ask for help.  Jesus has a lot of power and he will use it for good.

Those who don’t know God’s power are afraid. So don’t be afraid and don’t worry. 

Jesus has been watching over you all your life. So far, he’s done a pretty good job, right?

Bottom Line: Jesus is our protector.

On Tuesday, we listened to the story about when Jesus and his disciples were passing through Samaria. Sending his disciples to the nearest town, he sat down near a well. Eventually, a Samaritan woman came along and he asked her for a drink of water. It was unheard of, back then, for Jews to speak to Samaritans, for they usually did not like each other. The woman was so surprised and moved by his kindness and knowledge that she realized he was the Messiah. 

Jesus cared about that woman at the well because he loves all of us no matter what. Even the outcasts and loners. Jesus wasn’t just kind to them- he was their friend. And He wants us to be kind to others too.

So the Bottom line is: Jesus loves us no matter what.

On Wednesday, we learned about the story of how Jesus walked on water! 

Jesus’s disciples were in a boat one night. They had left Jesus on land praying. They had sailed pretty far away. Then, later that night, they saw Jesus – walking out to them on the surface of the water! The disciples were scared and thought he was a ghost! 

But one of the disciples named Peter called out and said, “Jesus if that is you, ask me to join you.” And Jesus did, so Peter stepped out of the boat, and walked toward Jesus! Then, he looked at the waves, and wind, and began to feel scared. Before he knew it, he was sinking!

Jesus pulled him out, and they walked to the boat. All the disciples worshiped Him, saying, “You truly are the Son of God!”

We all want to do amazing things. And we can – with Jesus. Because Jesus is the most awesome and amazing person. And He loves us and is taking care of us. 

Bottom Line: Amazing things happen when we trust in Jesus.

Lastly, in the story we learned on Thursday, some fishermen were fishing all night and hadn’t caught anything. Jesus saw them and asked them to try again. They did, and they caught so many fish that their boat started sinking! They were overwhelmed by Jesus. But Jesus told them: “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will be a fisher of men.” 

So don’t be afraid to serve God, don’t delay, just dive in! Easing in will only take longer. 

We can serve God with the talents he has given us, whether it’s singing in the choir or serving in the food pantry, thrift store, or even just showing his love by being kind.

Bottom Line: God has a purpose for our lives. 

Thank You.

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