November 27, 2022 homily on Isaiah 2:1-5 for the First Sunday of Advent, by Pastor Galen The Old Jalopy The story is told of a boy whose parents had promised that they would give him a beautiful car to drive when he turned 16. From the time he was a little boy he had dreamed ofContinue reading “Hope”

Christ the King

The popular Netflix drama The Crown portrays the life of Queen Elizabeth II all the way from her wedding in 1947 to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and up through the early 21st century. The fact that the show is reported to be the most expensive television series ever produced is indicative of our fascination not just with the British royal family, but of monarchies in general….

Finishing the Race

Paul didn’t have a million followers or Twitter, he didn’t have a national platform. He wasn’t even always well-known and respected in his field. But he did indeed stay true to his mission and calling. He put in the time, logged the hours, and stayed faithful to the tasks set before him. And so at the end of his life, he could indeed say with all truthfulness, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race…”