Who Are You Lord?

Donna had always dreamed of being a doctor. But her experiences working in a children’s hospital caused her to question the existence of God. But the questions the children posed to her brought her back…

We are Witnesses

Often we think of witnesses as people who have rock-solid faith, who never doubt or question God.
But in actuality the best witnesses for Jesus are often those people who have wrestled with doubts and despair, and came out the other side.

Filled with the Fragrance

When I hear the story of Mary pouring out her expensive perfume on Jesus’s feet, my initial inclination is to side with Judas on this one – all I can think about is how much money that perfume cost, and how all of that money could have been used to care for the poor. But the truth is that acts of worship and devotion and caring for the poor are not mutually exclusive.