Wild Grapes

Isaiah 5 is entitled “The Song of the Vineyard,” and Isaiah describes it as a love song. It’s not a particularly happy or joyful love song – rather it’s more like a blues or country music ballad. And yet, if we look closely, I believe we’ll see an amazing picture of God’s faithfulness and of God’s never-failing love for us and for all God’s people. But first, a story from my own life…

Learn to Do Good

In high school, I was a starting player on my school’s Varsity soccer team. Not only that, but I was the sweeper – the lead defensive player on the field. I don’t mention this a whole lot – not because I don’t want to brag – but because there really wasn’t a whole lot to brag about…

Cords of Kindness

Watching a child learn how to walk is one of life’s simple joys. Whether it be our own child or grandchild, or a niece or nephew, or neighbor, seeing a child take their first steps is a joy-filled and memorable experience. The problem is that the more independence a child gains, the less control we as caregivers have over the places they go and the choices they make. 

The Time is Coming

There’s nothing quite so delicious and refreshing as a wonderful fresh bowl of fruit on a warm summer day. Luscious strawberries or blueberries, fresh watermelon, crisp apples. Fresh from the farm, right from the tree or vine, if you can get it. But the thing about fresh fruit is that it only stays fresh for so long…

What Do You See?

We in the U.S. like to think that we are a Christian nation. Our money says “In God We Trust,” and we pledge allegiance to “One Nation Under God.” Our politicians take their oaths of office while placing their hands on a Bible. And yet, how do we treat our most vulnerable citizens? How do we treat our neighbors, including those from our neighboring nations? And how do we treat those who are downtrodden and oppressed on the side of the road?