The Gulf is Crossed

In recent years there have been a spate of TV shows that imagine or reimagine life after death. One such show, entitled Upload, is a science fiction comedy-drama which imagines a sort of dystopian future where the family members of people who pass away can pay to upload their deceased relative’s consciousness into a digital afterlife…


Growing up, my brother and I frequently played the game Monopoly. My mother said she could always tell when we were playing Monopoly because the game always ended with one of us in tears. But what many people don’t know is that the game Monopoly was not originally developed to be fun or entertaining….

I Knew You

Any of us who have ever counted ourselves out because we thought we were too young or too old can identify with the prophet Jeremiah, who thought that he was too young to be used by God because he was still a boy. And yet God had a special plan for his life.