Wash and Be Cleaned

Naaman wasn’t healed because of his vast sums of money or because of his power or prestige, or because of the fact that he was favored by the king. Naaman was healed because he was willing to believe the testimony of a compassionate servant girl, and because he humbly obeyed the simple command of an Israelite prophet.

Great Power

There are many people in our world who are drawn to power, but who don’t always understand the weight of responsibility that comes with it. This is why we read in Galatians 5 that the “fruit” of the Spirit is love, joy, peace…

From Madness to Stillness

Even as we celebrate the freedom that was granted to formerly enslaved people in our country, we are reminded that not all people in our world or even in our society are truly free. In so many ways and in so many forms there are still many people in our world today who are not granted equal freedom, or given equal access to resources.

Thoughts and Prayers?

The story of Paul and Silas trapped in a prison cell reminds us that even when there seems to be no way out, we can cry out to God and God will answer. But Scripture also challenges us that prayer should never be used as an excuse for inaction, or as a cover for our own complicity in injustice.