Sunday July 5th 2020 Pastor Galen Zook Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 Independence This weekend is Independence Day weekend, the time when we commemorate our nation’s Declaration of Independence from Great Britain back in 1776. At the same time, we also celebrate the individual freedoms that we hold so dear here in this great nation of ours,Continue reading “Freedom”

Your Commission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Watch the video of this sermon. Sunday June 7th 2020 Trinity/Peace with Justice Sunday Psalm 8; Matthew 28:16-20 Pastor Galen Zook “Can’t We all Just Get Along?” This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to travel down to Washington DC to participate in a prayer vigil coordinated by the Episcopal archdiocese of Washington DC. TheContinue reading “Your Commission, Should You Choose to Accept It”