He Is Our Peace

Through Christ, God has come near to us. Christ broke through the wall that separated us from God, and in doing so, he broke down the walls that separate us from one another as well. That doesn’t mean that our physical differences disappear, but it does mean that our differences do not exclude us from God’s love, and should not divide us from one another.

Setting Our Hope

One of my favorite things in school was to be chosen by the teacher to run a special errand or to be given a special responsibility, like taking a note to the principal’s office, or showing a new student around the school…

We Are Family

The nation of Israel was in disarray after the death of King Saul, with half of the nation being ruled by King David, and the other half ruled by Saul’s son. For years they fought against each another….

Giving What You Have

Every year, for at least the first few weeks of the school year, the school secretary of the local elementary school would routinely collect the lunch money from the new kindergartens at the start of each school day, just to make sure the money didn’t get lost during the course of their busy morning activities….